Top shelf organization, second to none as far as I’m concerned. Renee and her absolutely amazing staff are true automotive enthusiasts to the core. The pride they take in their work, and how they do it, shines through, literally! Far surpassing any expectations I’d had. Absolutely stunning work. Highly recommend!
It’s a bit long, but it covers two vehicles and this place definitely deserves the accolades.
I was fortunate enough to be able to acquire a black 22 Mach 1 Mustang and, for me, paint protection was a must. After spending about an hour with Renee, going over all the options and answering countless questions. I was all in, give me everything you can offer.
Renee picked the car up directly from the dealership, enclosed trailer, very nice. Her and her crew throughly went through the car, corrected any paint defects (one or two maybe, I was lucky), decontaminated the paint, removed the mirrors, door handles, badging, lights, wing, etc…. Ceramic tinted the windows, left the shade up to her. She nailed it! Installed the ceramic windshield film, it’s perfect! Completely wrapped every painted surface as well as the all the lights with Xpel 10mil.
One concern was the hood decal. Can be difficult to look good with film due to the flat black texture. Again, I had left that up to her best judgment on how to best protect it. Knocked it outta the park! still matte black and looks flawless, the Mach 1 script was covered with the clear film and that gave it a slightly ghosted effect, very nice!
Ceramic coated entire vehicle, including all the plastics, wheels and calipers. The interior was completely gone through, dash has bits and pieces of Xpel and ceramic coat. The fabrics, plastics and door jams are all detailed and protected, including, get this, my new pair of runners I had left in the car, got the full protection treatment as well. The work performed is so good that you’d never know………except the car looks absolutely amazing!
I also have a 2009 Yamaha FJR1300, all black. The paint was starting show its age on a close inspection, couple chips and bunch of micro scratches from washing, wiping, etc.. So I dropped off the bike for a couple of weeks. They did a complete paint decontamination and correction, Xpel ppf the front of the bike and all the touch areas, added tint to the wind screen, again, left the shade up to her……again……she nailed it! Completed it off with a premium ceramic coat package on all the painted, plastics, filmed and metal surfaces. Any paint damage that was on the bike is now completely gone. The black absolutely sparkles and the metal just gleams. There is literally not a scratch on the bike, even the gauge screens and cluster are now back to pristine condition.
The bike NEVER looked this good!
The crew of people she’s got are stellar. Both the bike and the car look flawless. Planning on them doing their magic my new little Maverick, (black as well) when it shows up as well as a little black cargo trailer that’ll also need some protection, or anything else I own for that matter.
Their prices are very reasonable for the very high quality and calibre of work they perform. I went all in, had Renee do everything on both the car and the bike, no regrets whatsoever with regards to the costs. They go out of their way to exceed the customers expectations and they certainly did with me.

– Randy Ehret


Apologies for a slightly longer review, but the details are important.  Let me start by saying I’m a serious car enthusiast.  Sadly the budget does not permit me to indulge in all the cars I love, as frequently as I dream about them, and I only replace my car every 10-15 years after huge mileage.  These occasions therefore engender huge excitement and anticipation.  Anticipating the arrival of my new car, and given how meticulous I am about my vehicles, I don’t trust just anyone to work on them, so I shopped around for a reputable PPF installation shop.  A number of people I trust recommended Ultimate Auto Protection.   

I connected with the owner, Renee, and the entire experience getting the car wrapped was excellent, from start to finish.  She was very responsive, answered my many, many questions, and was flexible with the ever moving arrival date of my car, which was shipped in from ON.  She very kindly came out to pick up my car at the shipping rail terminal in Calgary with her truck and trailer, and she trailered it over to her shop to ensure no damage from road debris would occur during the admittedly short drive to her shop (I didn’t want to risk paint damage before the wrap!).  I should also add she did this literally the day after she broke her leg very badly!  She arranged for a friend to join her to assist with loading the car on and off the trailer as she hopped around on crutches in the snow.  I was mightily impressed and grateful for her commitment.   

Initially I elected to only wrap the front of the car, but after some reflection on how much pain I experience when my cars get damaged (all my cars are daily drivers), I expanded the areas of the car to be wrapped, and she was flexible to accommodate this increased scope of work.   

I will say the end result exceeded my expectations!  It is very seldom I ever say that….about any product or service I’ve received.  These guys are the A-team….seriously.  If you’re looking to have your vehicle wrapped, I can’t recommend them strongly enough.  You will simply not regret it.  If you’re on the fence and want to check out my car before proceeding with them wrapping your vehicle, get my contact details from Renee, and I’d be happy to meet up with you to show off my car.  Any excuse to get out for a drive 😉   

Thx Renee and team.  An impressive job, and much appreciated!

– Steven Churchill


“Renee and her team worked with us to do full PPF wrap and ceramic coating on our two new vehicles, a 2021 Dodge Durango Hellcat and a 2021 Dodge Charger Redeye. Firstly, we shopped around Calgary to get quotes from a few different places, and Renee not only offered everything we wanted for a very reasonable price, but she actually followed up to get our business, which we really appreciated and very few other shops did! We were VERY specific about what we wanted for both, including adding redline stripes to our Charger. Renee was so easy to work with and communicate with – she is truly passionate about what she does, and it shows. Firstly, pictures don’t really do it justice as a perfect PPF should be completely invisible, which it is! We have taken our vehicles out with other Mopar owners and they honestly can’t even believe they are fully wrapped. Something Renee and her team does better than ANYONE in the industry is hide the seams perfectly. She also cut the PPF perfectly around the vehicle badging rather than take the badging off – AMAZING. She really goes the extra mile to WOW her customers, and she really does. Our Charger had a 3 inch scratch on the rear drivers side door that happened (unfortunately) before we could get it in to be wrapped, and we showed it to Renee at drop off and she told us she would try her best to buff it out. At pick up, the scratch is GONE. You cannot tell it was ever there.

I could go on and on, but I will leave it with this – If you are shopping for a place in Southern Alberta to do PPF, tinting, etc. this is the ONLY place you should go. Period. I would not trust anyone else with my vehicles like I trust Renee and her team.”

–  Cheryl D.


“I have to comment on a wonderful business called Ultimate Auto Protection, a small detailing shop in the S.E. Calgary who worked on my car installing 3M and polishing any imperfections they found. Renee, was a breeze of fresh air in a sometimes uncaring business atmosphere you see these days. If your doing any protection on your car I would say give them a try.

–  Blaire C.


“Renee and her shop and crew were first class when it came to my brand new Tesla Model Y! She was so open to all my questions and concerns I had about what I wanted protected and her recommendations were so up front, and honest!
After picking up the vehicle, she was able to get me in first day of delivery of the vehicle and the next day, it was ready.

I would not recommend any other shop for your Tesla or any other brand new vehicle. Her work is incredible, she went above and beyond on my brand new EV and can’t wait to go back there for maintenance work in the spring!

Thanks Renee! 🤘🏽

–  Raj S.


“This review is loooong overdue because I had too much fun driving my new Tesla!

I ordered my Tesla in July and was suddenly given a delivery date that was too soon. I didn’t want to push the date out because I wanted to take the car on a road trip to Vancouver. And because of this I wanted to get the PPF done leaving for the trip. I called Renee and she said she couldn’t get me in for another two weeks…but after hearing about my trip she told me to bring the car in as soon as I have it (two weeks earlier) and she’ll make it work. And just like that she did make it work while doing an amazing job on wrapping my car in the stealth 3M XPEL wrap! The car turned out amazing and we ended up having such an amazing road trip without any worries of debris flying at our car on the highway thanks to Renee. She is such a wonderful person, has an extreme attention to details and is very professional. I would totally bring my next car here to get it wrapped! Highly recommended!

–  Cong P.


“Renee and her team did an amazing job on the ceramic coating for my vehicle. The paint looked better than when I first bought the car.

–  Yifei


“I am BEYOND happy with how my full body matte wrap turned out. In addition, Renee and her team tinted my windows and installed a screen protector on my Tesla M3. The attention to detail is second to none and I highly recommend Ultimate Auto Protection for ANYONE looking to protect their vehicle against these horrible Calgary roads!

–  Stian R.


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