Your Guide to Paint Protection Film

Keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape and looking its best is high on your list of priorities. When it comes to protecting your vehicle’s exterior you have several options available. One popular and effective method for protecting your car’s exterior and maintaining your vehicle’s overall appeal and appearance is the application of paint protection film. Paint protection film is a popular vehicle protection choice amongst vehicle enthusiasts around the world. If you are considering paint protection film for your car but do not quite understand the ins and outs of this enhancement to your automobile read below for more information and details related to paint protection film.

What is Paint Protection Film?

Paint protection film, also known as PPF refers to the application of a film made of a urethane and polymer base to the painted exterior of your vehicle. The film is applied directly on top of your vehicle’s paint coat in order to act as a protective measure. Keep in mind the film is not applied to surfaces that are not painted such as lights, sensors, air inlets, etc.  The paint protection film acts as an additional layer and buffer between outside elements and your vehicle’s coat of paint. There are several different types of paint protection films ranging from lower quality to higher quality. Paint protection film’s most common and popular application is the clear variety that enhances the original color of your vehicle with a glossy appearance. PPF is often considered a necessity for the maintenance of high end,  luxury rated, and collectible vehicles.

What are the Benefits of Paint Protection Film?

Paint protection film is not merely for appearance although its high gloss effect is an appealing draw. This product offers a number of benefits for vehicle owners when applying it to their automobiles. Keep in mind that the quality of paint protection film used on your vehicle can result in different experiences when it comes to discussing the overall benefits of the film application. For purposes of this article and discussion, we will be considering only high-quality paint protection film such as the XPEL ULTIMATE brand when delineating the various benefits offered by high quality paint protection film.

There are a number of benefits attributed to the application of Paint Protection Film such as:

  • Protecting a vehicle’s exterior paint coat from outside forces and elements such as bird droppings, insect splatter, and acid rain.
  • Protection for dings and scratches. High quality paint protection film even offers self healing properties allowing slight scuffs and scratches to heal once the film is exposed to heat.
  • Preventing discoloration and oxidation of a vehicle’s paint over time even with repeated and prolonged exposure to UV rays.
  • Professional and experienced application of film eliminates any textural appearance and creates a smooth, clear, and glossy finish.
  • Reducing the maintenance needs of a vehicle’s exterior.

How Long Does Paint Protection Film Last?

It is estimated that most applications of paint protection films last between 5 years upwards to 10 years from the date of application. The longevity of paint protection film depends heavily on the exposure of the vehicle to contaminants and UV rays over the years in combination with the care provided for the vehicle in terms of cleaning and maintenance. In order to estimate how long your vehicle’s paint protection film can last it is important to factor in the amount of exposure, your vehicle will be subject to and ensure you properly maintain your vehicle’s exterior with routine cleaning and conditioning or waxing.

Can Paint Protection Film be Removed?

Paint Protection film can and should be removed and replaced when needed. However, the process of removing paint protection film from the exterior of a vehicle is a complex and tedious procedure that should be done by an experienced and knowledgeable auto body professional. When done properly paint protection film removal should not damage your vehicle’s paint. If done incorrectly or by an inexperienced individual the removal of paint protection film carries a high risk of damage to your vehicle’s paint which can result in the need for costly repairs.

Should You Apply Paint Protection Film For Your Vehicle?

If you are a proud vehicle owner that is looking for an extra layer of protection for your vehicle and to maintain as much of your vehicle’s value as possible, you should highly consider the application of paint protection film for your vehicle. Protecting your vehicle from damage from the outside elements in addition to protection from minors scuffs and scratches will offer you peace of mind with an affordable product that will save you the need for costly repairs in the coming years. While it may seem tempting to attempt to apply PPF yourself it is actually a delicate process that can risk damage to your vehicle if done incorrectly. It is best to leave the installation of PPF to the professionals.

Choose Only the Best Paint Protection Film for Your Vehicle

When it comes to Paint Protection Film it is important to understand that not all PPFs are created equal. If you are investing your money in this product it is vital that you choose the highest quality PPF available to ensure its longevity as well as its optimal appearance on your vehicle’s exterior. Lower end PPFs can cause bubbling or unappealing texture over your vehicle’s paint as well as increase the likelihood of yellowing and discoloration of the film over time.  XPEL ULTIMATE is one of the highest-rated paint protection films on the market and is used by knowledgeable and professional auto body specialists around the globe. It is a popular choice for vehicle enthusiasts including owners of high-end luxury automobiles.

If you are considering the application of paint protection film for your vehicle contact us at Ultimate Auto Protection to discuss your needs with one of our team members and factory-trained installers of XPEL ULTIMATE PPF. We can help you decide the best protective option for your vehicle and provide you with a no-obligation estimate for our professional installation services. Our professional and high-quality work speaks for its self check out our Ultimate Auto Protection gallery for some of our best paint protection film installations.



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